From SAFEHOME’s Children’s Therapist:

Safehome PlayroomOne of the objectives of play therapy is to help children raise their emotional awareness and identification so they can learn to regulate emotional expression. Having fun toys and art supplies helps to create engagement in the playroom.

This year we have purchased a variety of Nerf toys: bow & arrows, blasters, basketballs& hoops, and footballs. I have two preteen boys who particularly enjoy shooting the “difficult topics” targets they have created. It allows them to have some sense of control over traumatic situations and circumstances they have encountered. Additionally, the art and craft supplies your donations fund are so very helpful. I have myriad of young clients who love to make slime, create magical concoctions, or produce glittery and imaginative art while we process their life experiences.

Thank you for your part in helping us help families! Without your support, we would not be capable of supplying our Children’s Center with age-appropriate, therapeutic toys and supplies; nor would be able to offer field trips or fun activities to our families. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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