MCTF Community Event Raises over $1,500

Olathe Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund board members, friends, and citizens of Olathe attended Celebrate Olathe! – Featuring Liverpool and the M80’s at Stagecoach Park. On Friday, July 6th.

It was a perfect night to Celebrate Olathe at Stagecoach Park and enjoy a great Olathe Live! concert by Liverpool and The M80s. Donations and bottled water sales benefited the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund – thanks, everyone!! A special thank you to Mayor Copeland, our Board, and volunteers from Farmers Insurance, the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, and the Health Partnership Clinic – what an amazing team, dedicated to helping Olathe kids. #OlatheProud #OlatheLive #CelebrateOlathe

We’re grateful to all who were able to volunteer at Celebrate Olathe Friday night, including our terrific friends at Farmers Insurance, the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, and the Health Partnership Clinic!  It was a perfect summer night at Stagecoach Park, and thanks to you, we raised a record total in summer concert proceeds for the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund:

$   850.20             Concert (red bucket) donations (The M80s and Liverpool)

$   407.00             Bottled water sales

$   255.00             #OlatheProud T-shirt sales

$1,512.20  TOTAL

For comparison, here are proceeds for the last two summer concerts:

2017 (Lester Estelle and Laith Al-Saadi at Frontier Park)

$901.19                Concert (red bucket) donations

2016 (Summer Fest – Liverpool at Stagecoach Park)

$365.06                 Concert (red bucket) donations – 50/50 share with the Parks & Recreation Foundation (total collected was $730.12)

$357.00                 Bottled water sales

$165.00                 #OlatheProud T-shirt sales

$887.06                 TOTAL                  

Special thanks again to Bill Shafer, whose connections with Coca-Cola and Sysco made our bottled water sales possible, and Brent McCune and COBLE MCCUNE, our #OlatheProud T-shirts sponsor!

Karen Hooven, Assistant to the Mayor

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