Our Impact

Giving Olathe Children Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our Impact Trystan“Trystan is a Senior at a one of the Olathe High Schools. He began receiving a Mission Southside Backsnack in 6th Grade. He lives at an apartment complex that Mission Southside visits regularly. Through our relationship there we got to know his family.

“Trystan became part of the Service and Discovery Club and volunteered for Mission Southside every Wednesday for 8 hours during the summer. He wanted to give back. He told us that so many times the backsnack he received in Middle School was the only food their family would have for sometimes for days! He said that his whole family would share it. They depended on the food he received because his single mom worked so hard to earn money for rent, and sometimes they would not have enough for food.

“He was a blessing to us this summer. He helped deliver furniture to families in need, pack backsnacks, and he would do odd jobs around the mission.”

– Mission Southside

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