Mayor Michael Copeland

Indian Creek Libarary Opening

Mayor Copeland is the 58th and longest-serving Olathe Mayor. He was first elected Mayor in April 2001.

Mike and his wife Maria live in Olathe with their two daughters, Olivia and Abigail, and their son, Joshua.

Mayor Copeland’s Goals for Olathe

  • Ensure that Olathe remains nationally-recognized as one of America’s best places to live.
  • Direct City resources toward our citizens’ top priorities, such as traffic improvement projects and public safety.
  • Ensure that the City is forward-thinking and taking a strategic approach to quality planning for our future.
  • Keep the Olathe government open and accessible for our citizens.
  • Broaden our community’s tax base, with a focus on knowledge-based jobs for our information-age, global economy.

Letter from Mayor Michael Copeland

You can help the children of Olathe.

The Olathe Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund is not only a shining symbol of hope and help for those in need, but a highly-visible demonstration of our fundamental commitment to our children.  That commitment has unified our community and allowed us to accomplish amazing things together.  Because of compassionate, giving hearts united across our city, the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund has exceeded $1 million raised for local charities since 2007.  We are celebrating this incredible milestone because of your generosity and support for the vital organizations who serve Olathe kids.

How can you help?

  • Make a donation: Your donation will directly benefit the charities selected and provide critical support for children, such as food, shelter, and clothing.
  • Involve your neighbors: Hold a community event like a bake or garage sale where all proceeds are donated to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund.
  • Attend an event: The events listed are great opportunities to connect, or volunteer.
  • Spread the word: Follow us on Facebook and share this information with your coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family.

Thank you for the many ways you make a difference in Olathe. Your donation will help strengthen the support of wonderful charities as they serve our city and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need our help the most.

Warm wishes,

Mayors Signature




Michael E. Copeland Mayor